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Limited Edition Online Exclusive for April 2024


Shiny and sparkly.


Clicky and clacky.


Sharp and heavy.


Can be used as money AND weapons!


If you're a goblin or a rogue (or better yet, a goblin rogue) these should automatically appeal to you in ways that other things simply do not.


Go ahead, scratch the itch you feel behind your eyes and let those twitchy fingers be satisfied... we'll send them right to your front door.


*Discalimer - By purchasing these dice you release Dice Goblinz, LLC and The Dice Goblinz Trading Company from any harm (intentional and unintentional) that these dice may cause if you step on them, throw them, eat them or ANY OTHER MANNER OF GOBLIN FOOLERY that might occur.



Rogue's Delight ,+3 Golden Caltrops - Solid Metal Dice Set

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